Wrocław w nocy, widok znad Odry

Wroclaw rules!

Lower Silesia’s capital city has recently become one of the most attractive places for both Polish and international businessmen, investors and workers. According to Antal’s 7th edition, its research entitled ‘Professionals and managers’ engagement in the job market’, 38% of these people would apply for a job in Wrocław
It means that Wrocław is classified as the 2nd most frequently chosen, being defeated only by Warsaw. According to the latest European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19 ranking, Wrocław placed second in the category of business friendliness (Top 10 mid-sized European cities). In 2016/17 edition Wrocław was announced a winner in FDI strategy category and in 2014/15 edition it placed second again amongst the best European cities.
Corporations in Wrocław are constantly planning their own development and employment growth. A lot of businesses are moving to Wrocław and property developers can’t keep up with filling the job market with new office spaces and living areas.
Run of good luck continues and Wrocław is stepping into a new business era, taking BeRelocated along. Meeting the job market’s expectations, BeRelocated is a helping hand when it comes to organizing relocation from abroad or in Poland. Relocation means a lot of things: finding a place to live in, opening a bank account, looking for a school or a kindergarten for kids. These are only some of our everyday duties.
A new person in the city usually means more complex issues – how to spend a nice afternoon with your family, where to eat dinner, how to buy a gym ticket, who to call when you’ve got toothache or how to do shopping on the Internet in the quickest way possible. It’s a huge challenge for a foreigner. That’s why employers turn to BeRelocated’s coordinators to make the assimilation process pleasant.

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