We will do your business for you.

Are you moving to another city or changing jobs? With us, you can relax and live life to the fullest. We solve problems, help with planning your daily schedule, and advise you on making decisions. We are flexible and we do our job effectively.


We minimize the difficulties connected with transfer of residence and employment.

concierge service

konsultant berelocated pomaga w organizacji życia codziennego
  • Consultant available 24/7
  • Help with your day to day responsibilities
  • Leisure program
  • Arrangement of trips, holidays, events and parties
  • Executing unusual requests and wishes


Blond Woman Carrying Box With Kitchen Items During Relocation On Orange Background
  • Work permits
  • Flat rental
  • Trip organization, transfer planning
  • Pick-up from airport
  • Family support (kindergarten, school, extracurricular activities)


Zadowoleni mężczyźni aklimatyzują się w nowym miejscu pracy
  • Organization of every day life
  • Information and resource center
  • Entertainment program
  • Language courses
  • Travel and leisure

Study in Poland

  • University in Poland
  • Visa, insurance and apartment
  • Registration of residence
  • Bank account, phone
  • Student job

We will help you change both your workplace and your place of residence.

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We provide services which are needed and useful. We help with the assimilation process, saving your valuable time. Our company provides you with comfort so that you can work peacefully and without any stress.

Concierge service is for people who value both their time and privacy but also want to enjoy high standards and comfort. We are here to make your life easier. We will do the shopping for you, or book on your behalf a hotel room, a table in a restaurant, a flight or a concert ticket. We will help you organize a birthday party, look for a babysitter and we will arrange after school activities for your children as well. We will give you and your family TIME.
We will provide you with large selection of apartments tailored to your needs. The decision of which one to choose is yours. We have different offers for individuals, couples and families with children regardless of the length of your stay. If you need a flat either for a month or a year, we will find it! We analyze the property market, we go and see the flats ourselves and send you our chosen offers. We prepare leases taking market standards and workers' requirements into account, we negotiate prices with property owners and agencies, and will buy all the missing equipment if needed.
We organize everything from A to Z before, during, and after your relocation. Packing, transport and insurance of your property are no longer problems you have to worry about. Our aim is to make your relocation successful and without any trouble for you and your family. We want you to feel welcome in Wrocław. We are here to find anything you need or wish; from a school to a kindergarten to a language tutor all the way to medical insurance. We will help you set up a bank account and we will guarantee a Polish phone number for you. You will not have to worry about choosing the best gym in the city or ballet school for your daughter – it is all in our hands!
Paperwork and bureaucracy are necessary evils when hiring non-Polish citizens; there are different regulations for different nationalities and we know how difficult and confusing this process can be. Our people will guarantee the proper coordination of the employment process, which starts with filling in the documentation, includes monitoring of office appointments and ends with the approval of a work permit.


Our blog has been created for you to find out more about all our services and already finished projects. You may see your relocation story here soon, too! As a service supplier for both private individuals and corporate customers, we know that every step you take also brings new challenges. Our system has been designed perfectly to meet your needs and to make your relocation as stress-free as it can be.

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We work for individuals and for corporate clients as well so our methods are designed to meet your needs and eliminate stress.