Studying in Poland – is it the right thing for you?

So, you’ve been thinking about studying abroad. Maybe you are reminiscing about your Erasmus+ experience and considering doing a graduate program away from home or, maybe, you are about to finish high school and ready to take on a challenge. Whatever the reason, if you think starting university in a different country might be in your future, keep reading to find out if Poland is the perfect destination for you.

The language: Polish is notoriously difficult to learn, especially if you are new to Slavic languages. While you might think that this is a big obstacle in your pursuit of a degree in Poland, you’ll be happy to know that most Polish universities (if not all!) offer degrees that are entirely taught in English. You’ll find an ample selection of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs across the country.

When it comes to getting by on the street and your day to day activities, you’ll find that many Poles speak great English. This is particularly true whenever you are close to a university!

Tuition: if you are planning on doing your degree in English, you will most likely have to pay tuition. The cost of a bachelor’s degree is around 1500 to 3000 euros per year and varies between universities and programs of study. Nonetheless, there are merit based scholarships available. If you attend a public university and enroll in a degree in Polish, tuition is generally free.

Location: at the heart of Europe, Poland is well connected to all European capitals. You can take a cheap flight or hop on a bus to discover that all corners of our continent are just a couple hours away. And if you prefer to stay local, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to travel on Polish soil.

Cost of living: a nice perk of Poland is European quality at low prices. From groceries, to restaurants, to utilities, all the way to leisure and entertainment, you’ll be able to enjoy much more than in most European countries. If you are concerned about your budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality of life, Poland is the right place for you.

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