The Business Harbor Program

The Business Harbor program is a project dedicated to Belarusian IT specialists, programmers, startups, and small and large businesses who want to move their operations to Poland. The program is run by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), which is a state agency supporting foreign direct investment in Poland. They are a team of experienced advisers whose goal is to guide Belarusian entrepreneurs through the process of relocation of business activities.
They also offer support in the visa procedure for IT specialists who have found a job in Poland and their families. Having a visa with the annotation of  Business Harbor exempts you from the obligation to have a work permit. The interest in the program is huge. More and more companies are moving their headquarters to Poland, relocating entire teams of specialists with their families. It also represents an opportunity for these companies to find a new source of qualified IT workers. While other markets have been largely exhausted, Belarus may prove to be a support for the IT industry in Poland.

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